History of Grant

L'Oréal Research Grant

History of Grant

About the L’Oréal African Hair and Skin Research Grant

Since its creation in 1907, L’Oreal’s major input has been, and still is, to increase knowledge in hair and skin physiology. We remain convinced of the necessity to improve fundamental understanding of the visible signs affecting appearance, such as aging, dyspigmentation, skin dryness and xerosis. Indeed this allows the emergence of adequate products, adapted to biological characteristics of hair and skin, that will improve the well-being of individual in their specific environment. The research always begins with knowledge of the consumer and their diversity of skin and hair.

In line with this vision, L’Oréal Medical Directorate created the L’Oréal African Hair and Skin Research Grant in 2013. It is aimed at clinical and basic researchers studying hair and skin physiology, to empower and foster African scientists in Africa. The grant is opened to certified dermatologists, epidemiologists and scientists in Africa.

The objective of L’Oréal African Hair and Skin Research Grant program goes far beyond provision of financial support, it seeks to support researchers by providing visibility and connection to a network of experts on African hair and skin, to propel the budding researchers into their research careers. In addition, the data generated by these African scientist serves the African community, raising awaresness and providing guidelines for hair and skin care.

Since its inception, the program has received 16 applications from 8 countries across sub-Saharan Africa. The two winning project thus far, in 2014, Dr Willem Visser on Acne Keloidalis Nuchae and in 2016, Dr Khoza Nokubonga on centrifugal alopecia, have both been submitted for publication in international journals. The latter project has now been published in high impact international journal New England Journal of Medicine.